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Bubble Girl


Bubble Girl è un variante di Bubbleshooter un po difficile. In Bubble Girl devi formare almeno 3 palline dello stesso colore per farli sparire. Stai attento perche le palline rimbalzano! Bubble Girl si gioca con il mouse.


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2 Commenti

  • Shafira (8 maart, 2015 om 04:41)

    that she really thugoht that she had e-mailed me back. I am embarrased and ashamed of the post I made yesterday. I wish I had a reasonable explanation for my behavior but I don’t. So Barb, I am truly sorry about what I said and thanks for making it right.

  • Sudhir (14 april, 2015 om 16:59)

    -Jennifer post your email, or use mine, I have a code for you. Did anyone else have trubloe getting in to DR pepper website today? I kept reaching an error when I tried to log in. I just redeemed a t-shirt, I wonder if you only can get one prize.